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Brassica oleracea


  • White cabbage
    White cabbage is a so-called closed cabbage. Its closely packed structure makes it a good cabbage for storing. White cabbage is primarily produced for the manufacture of sauerkraut, but is also grown for the fresh market. This cabbage is compact and robust, it has a smooth texture and all cabbages are of a similar size and shape. The colour is a very pale green..
  • Red cabbage
    This is another very important ‘closed’ cabbage principally grown for the fresh market. Compact and robust, it has a smooth texture and all the cabbages are of a similar size and shape. Red cabbage is a dark purplish red in colour.

Grading by size

Cabbages can be supplied in various sizes corresponding to official Dutch quality standards:

9/10 cabbages 25 kg
12/13 cabbages 25 kg
18/25 cabbages 25 kg


Dutch cabbage is available all year round, with a slight drop in the quantity produced during June and July.


Mostagro can supply either a Class 1 or an industrial grade product.

Together with the producers and packers we ensure throughout harvest and packing that the product conforms to pre-determined quality standards. Careful storage and transport are all important for the maintenance of a quality product.

All consignments are checked by our quality control managers before dispatch.


Cabbages are typically packed in polyethylene sacks of 10 or 25 kilos; green for white cabbage and purple for red cabbage, and also in cardboard boxes. Other packaging options are available on request.


We will be happy to advise you as to the best temperature and storage conditions for the product.

Packaging Pallet
10 kg 100 sacks / pallet
15 kg 65 sacks / pallet
25 kg 40 sacks / pallet

Combined transport (mixed cargo) of different packaging options or in combination with other products is possible. Just let us know what you require.